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Inventors: Shih-Hsiung Wu, Chung-Yun Gau, Yeh-Liang Hsu, Huoy-Shyi Tsay (1996-06-26).
Note: This patent is published in European States Patent.

Industrial safety helmet


l   Date of publication and mention of the grant of the patent: 05.09.2001 Bulletin 2001/36

l   Application number: 96110298.5

l   Date of filing: 26.06.1996

l   Int Cl.7: A42B 3/06, A42B 3/28,A42B 3/14, A42B 3/08

l   Industrial safety helmetArbeitsschutzhelm

l   Casque de protection à usage surles chantiers

l   Designated Contracting States: DE ES FR GB IT NL SE

l   Date of publication of application: 07.01.1998 Bulletin 1998/02

l   Proprietor: Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, Council of Labor Affairs Taipei (TW)

l   Inventors: Wu, Shih-HsiungHo-Ping E. Rd. Taipei (TW),Gau, Chung-YunSna-Chung City Taipei, Hsien (TW)),Hsu, Yeh-LiangChung-Li City Tao-Yuan Hsien (TW)),Tsay, Huoy-ShyiShih-Lin Taipei (TW)

l   Representative:Grünecker,Kinkeldey,Stockmair&Schwanhäusser Anwaltssozietät ,Maximilianstrasse 58,80538 München (DE)