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Author: Che-Chang Yang (2009-10-10)recommended: Yeh-Liang Hsu (2009-10-10).
Note: This handout is for design practice in ME Design course of Yuan Ze University.

Transmission LEGO Practice

In Chapter 2, the “decision matrix method” was introduced for comparing and evaluating different design concepts. The following figures depict 3 different design concepts of the lifting mechanism discussed in class.

In the following two-hour practice session, two kinds of LEGO kits are provided, and each team can pick one LEGO kit for practice.

(1)   Use your LEGO kit to complete working prototypes of the 3 design concepts. Demonstrate each LEGO mechanism to the TA. The TA has constructed examples of LEGO mechanisms. But try to come up with your own prototype.

(2)   Based on the observation of your LEGO prototypes, use the decision matrix method to compare the 3 design concepts. Complete your evaluation at the back of this paper and turn it to the TAs.

Students who are present in this session and complete this practice will get 2 bonus points. After this practice, each team may keep your own LEGO kit and use your LEGO kit for the following projects this semester. At the end of his semester, all the teams should return your LEGO kits in good condition.