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Author: Yeh-Liang Hsu (2010-03-03); recommended: Yeh-Liang Hsu (2010-03-03).
Note: This is the course material of ME301 Mechanical Design, Mechanical Engineering Department, Yuan Ze University.

Project 7. Pneumatic Lego Practice

(1)   In the pneumatic Lego practice, each team will receive a box of pneumatic Lego package, which contains one air pump, two double acting cylinders, two 5/3 valves, in addition to the many tubes, connectors, and building blocks. Please check if you have these important pneumatic components in the package. Report to TA right away if you find some of the important pneumatic components missing.

(2)   There are many example cards. Pick one as the topic of your pneumatic Lego practice. Assemble the Legos according to the example card, make sure it works, and draw the pneumatic system schematic diagram.

(3)   Ask the TA to check your Lego project and diagram. Disassemble the Legos and return the package to the TA. Ask the TA to check if all the important pneumatic components are there. Each student who attends this practice gets 2 bonus points.

(4)   During the process, please record the details, make drawings, take photos etc., to prepare for the report of your Project 7.

(5)   Project 7 is a complete design report for the pneumatic Lego practice. Here are my suggestions of the content, but you can certainly have your own thinking:

Ÿ    A description of the product you are building, especially the functions to be achieved by pneumatic system.

Ÿ    A step-by-step description to the mechanism of your design, an engineering drawing will certainly help. Note that the double acting cylinder is the actuator of the whole mechanism. Special attention should be put on how the double acting cylinders interact with the structure members to achieve the functions described above.

Ÿ    A description of the pneumatic system, including the pneumatic components you are using, a step-by-step explanation how the pneumatic system works using the pneumatic system schematic diagram.

Ÿ    Your conclusion.

(6)   Project 7 is an individual report for 7+2=9 points. To get an OK grade, you should write at least 2 A4 pages in English. I suggest that you pick an example with certain complexity for this project.