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Geometric modeling and computer graphics -- course outline

Last updated: Yeh-Liang Hsu (2010-09-12).
Note: This article is the course outline for “ME550, Geometric modeling and computer graphics”, autumn 2010, Mechanical Engineering Department, Yuan Ze University.

1.      Instructor

Professor Yeh-Liang Hsu, Rm. 3417, Ext.2459, email: mehsu@saturn.yzu.edu.tw.

2.      TA

Po-Er Hsu許博爾, Rm. 3423, (03) 4638800 Ext.2464-3423, or (03) 4357020, email: s968705@mail.yzu.edu.tw.

3.      Course materials

Course materials adapted from CAD/CAM Theory and Practice, by Ibrahim Zeid, McGraw-Hill, 1991, Principles of CAD/CAM/CAE Systems, by Kunwoo Lee, Addison-Wesley, 1999, and Graphics Concepts for Computer-Aided Design, by Richard M. Lueptow, Pearson Prentice Hall, 2008, is available on the Portal or webpage of the course one week before class: http://designer.mech.yzu.edu.tw/. This material is be used strictly for teaching and learning of this course.

4.      Course objective and format

In this course, students are expected to understand the fundamental theories and mathematics behind geometric modeling systems, to get familiar with a commercial software, and to explore the state of the art of current commercial software. This course will be conducted strictly in English. Students are expected to do the readings and finish the assignments before class, and teams will be selected to present their homework each week. All homework assignments and student presentations will be in English.

5.      Assignments and grading

(a)    There will be 12 homework assignments and a final project. Students form teams of two for the assignments and the final project. Each team should pick a commercial CAD software (e.g., Pro/E, SolidWorks, AutoCad, etc.) as the subject of the assignments and final project. There are 6 problems in each assignment, including writing computer programs in Matlab and demonstrations of features of the CAD software for the theories discussed in the course.

(b)   The final project is an in-depth application of the CAD software or a demonstration of features of the CAD software that are not covered in the course. There will be an oral presentation for the final project, preferably in multi media.

(c)    A PowerPoint file should be uploaded into the portal of the course before class time. No late homework is accepted.

(d)   Homework assignments 72%, homework presentation 16%, final presentation 16%. Each problem in the homework assignment will be graded in 100%, 90%, 80%, 70%, 60%, 50% by the professor. There will be 4 homework presentations for each team, to be graded by your fellow student judges in 4%, 3%, and 2%. The final presentation will also be graded in part by your fellow student judges.

6.      Master Schedule





Course introduction



(1)   CAD systems – basic concepts



(2)   Projection of geometric models



Matlab programming tutorial



(3)   Curve representation



(4)   Bezier curves



(5)   B-Spline curves



(6)   Analytic surfaces



Midterm week

No class


(7)   Geometric properties of surfaces



(8)   Synthetic surfaces



(9)   Boundary representation



(10)   Constructive solid geometry



(11)   Hidden line and surface



(12)   Visual realism



Final presentation (I)



Final presentation (II)



Final week

No Class