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附註:本文為「Remote sleep quality detecting method」發明專利說明書首頁。

Remote sleep quality detecting method

1.       專利申請詳細資料內容

l   公告號:8,905,929 B2

l   專利名稱:Remote sleep quality detecting method

l   公告日:2014/12/9

l   國際分類號/IPCA61B5/00

l   美國分類號/UPCA61B5/4815

l   發明人:Hsu, Yeh-Liang; Chih-Ming

l   申請人:Yuan Ze University

2.     Remote sleep quality detecting method」發明專利技術摘要

A remote sleep quality detecting system and its method provide a portable detecting device for detecting an examinee's physical activity while the examinee is sleeping, analyzing a detected activity signal by a signal processing module to generate a statistical value, and comparing a result of the computed statistical value with a sleep state index to obtain sleep quality information, and then storing the activity signal and the sleep quality information in a storage unit. The system and method also provide a remote monitoring device including a sleep information reading module for providing a user interface, connecting the portable detecting device via the Internet and receiving the sleep quality information produced by the portable detecting device after a command from the portable detecting device is received, such that the examinee's sleep quality information can be examined from a remote location for a long term without disturbing the examinee's sleep.