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1.       專利申請詳細資料內容

l   公告號:JP 548086 B2  

l   專利名稱:非察知式活動檢知裝置

l   公告日:2014/02/21

l   國際分類號/IPCA61B 5/11 (2006.01)

l   日本申請號:JP, 2011-129186 (2011.06)

l   發明人:Yeh-Liang Hsu; Yu-Wei Liu; Ke-Yuan Wu

l   申請人:Yuan Ze University

2.     「非察知式活動檢知裝置」發明專利技術摘要

The present invention relates to an activity sensor, and it relates to a non-perceiving formula activity detection apparatus which can detect a test subject's living body etc., and a method for the same, without being especially perceived by the test subject. 

With development of care service, the activity monitoring technology in home environment has developed. The detection apparatus which uses the sensing material which is not restrained [ be / the former / non-invasive ] is technology with the most common detection of power. For example, signals, such as a test subject's breathing, an activity signal, and a body attitude, are monitored using a load cell or a pressure-sensitive sensor. In addition, a test subject's body center of gravity position and attitude are observed, and making a force sensor simultaneously the design included in a thermo sensor can estimate vigilance. However, in order for above-mentioned known art to consist of a lot of sensors and to receive the restriction when the installed position of a sensor is constant, except that comparatively high cost starts, convenience is deteriorated.